Pressure Plumber



Industrial Size 
Instant Drain Cleaner.

  • Industrial Size
  • 24 applications per can
  • Tested and proven
  • Absolutely safe
  • No acid or lye
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for all sound pipes
  • Economical: about $1.00 per application

In One Second, Pressure Plumber clears most blocked or slow running drains of everything from hair to soap build up to grease.



The Pressure Plumber works on:


In conjunction with the Adapter Kit, Pressure Plumber can be used in toilets, urinals, shower stalls, floor drains, etc.


Pressure Plumber is an environment friendly instant drain cleaner that clears obstructed and slow moving drains safely, without the use of acids or harsh chemicals.

The force used to remove a blockage does not come from the pressure in the can.  When the formula in the can is released and comes in contact with the water, it expands rapidly to create a standing wave.  This standing wave uses the water in the pipe as a ram, pushing it down in the drain and making it possible to clear a blockage up to 50 feet away in a  1" diameter pipe!  Even with this capability, you can be assured that any sound plastic, metal,  or galvanized pipe will not be damaged.


How Far Down Can It Clear My Pipes?

  • 50' down a 1" diameter pipe
  • 45' down a 2" diameter pipe
  • 35' down a 2" diameter pipe
  • 25' down a 4" diameter pipe
  • 18' down a 5" diameter pipe
  • 12' down a 6" diameter pipe


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