Plumber One




The One Second Drain Cleaner!

Plumber One is available in 6 and
12 application cans.


Plumber One instantly clears most blocked and slow moving drains quickly without the use of acid, lye or harsh chemicals;  it is therefore safe for all sewage systems and septic tanks.

Works on:

There is no more waiting for chemicals to take effect and no more need for messy, time consuming snaking or plunging.  When you use the Plumber One can with the adapter kit, you greatly expand the usefullness of the product.
With the Plumber One Adapter Kit, the product clears blockages from:


Plumber One, the environmentally safe drain cleaner, costs approximately $1.50 per application.  Compared to the cost of less effective and corrosive chemical drain cleaners (which are not recommended for toilets), Plumber One is designed to drain your plumbing, not your pocketbook;  30 million customers can't be wrong.

User-Friendly & Environment Safe

Both Plumber One &Pressure Plumber are safe for your skin, your plumbing, and our planet.  Because there is no acid, lye, or harsh chemicals, both Plumber One and Pressure Plumber will not harm human skin nor will it damage sound plastic or metal pipes.  This product will not contaminate ground water or pollute the environment.  It contains no CFC's or HCFC's and is made with a Non-Ozone-Depleting HFC Formula.

For the industrial size instant drain cleaner, 
see the Pressure Plumber detailed product information.

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